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Ready to use solution

HOCL’s range of bottled solution is ideally suited for smaller practices, wanting to disinfect surfaces and equipment.

Quick, convenient and economical

Ideal for small to medium facilities

Available in 500ml, 5, 10, 20 Litres

Refills available - reducing waste

Effective for up to 12 months

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HOCL On-site
Generation Systems

The HOCL range of generators are suited to organisations requiring larger volumes of HOCL solution, such as healthcare facilities.

Installed and ready to use

Maintenance free

Ideal for hospitals and
healthcare environments

Unlimited supply of HOCL

Effective for up to 3-month

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For further information on how HOCL can make a positive impact to your workplace environment, click the link below.

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  • Safe

    Non toxic to pets, humans and completely planet friendly, HOCL Home provides peace of mind.

  • Effective

    Proven to be up to 100x more powerful than bleach, HOCL Home kills all known pathogens.

  • 100% Natural

    HOCL Home is a powerful antimicrobial agent, a combination of water & purified salt.

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HOCL is a more effective disinfectant and cleaner, eliminating the use of dangerous chemicals. Safe to our environment, HOCL is the most sustainable solution on our planet!

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