Natures Natural Disinfectant

What is HOCL®?

HOCL® is generated by a specialist process of electrolysis using water and salt. Its one of the most effective disinfectants on the planet! 100x more efficacious than bleach but completely safe for humans, animals and food processing.

What does it do?

HOCL® breaks down the cell walls in pathogens instantly, before destroying unhealthy bacteria on contact. It leaves very little chance for bacteria to multiply and infection to spread.

How does it work?

This amazing solution is the same substance produced in our own bodies. Our white blood cells are part of our natural immune system and now you can have it in a bottle! It’s nature’s own infection fighter and pretty much renders other chemically based disinfectants redundant!

Where to use HOCL®

HOCL® can be used in many environments due to its effectiveness and complete safety. It not only disinfects and sanitises against all known pathogens but heals wounds and skin conditions like acne. HOCL® also removes bio film and is a powerful water treatment.

HOCL® can be supplied ready
to use or generated on-site.

HOCL® can be used in many environments due to its effectiveness and complete safety. It not only disinfects and sanitises.

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HOCL® supplied
ready to use

HOCL® solution
generated on-site

If you could design the
perfect disinfectant.

Welcome to HOCL®!

It would kill all germs and bacteria immediately on contact, be completely safe to use for humans and animals with no PPE requirement. Free of all synthetic chemicals, hypoallergenic, alcohol free and cost effective, and kind to the environment.

Not heard of HOCL® before?

HOCl has been around a long time, but has been too unstable to bottle, until now. HOCL® Health has mastered the process to stabilise this remarkable product with a 12 month shelf life.

Small changes make a BIG difference

By switching from your mainstream products you will make a big difference to your health and that of others, the planet and future oncoming generations.

our planet
100X more powerful
than bleach
in the UK

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