The most powerful, 100% natural cleaning solution on the planet!

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Just HOCL it

It's perfect for eliminating all sorts of pet-related problems. If you have a pet, then you know the joys and challenges that come along with it. One of the biggest challenges is keeping your home clean and free of pet-related odours.

Sanitising and disinfecting solution for all surfaces

99.9999% effective



Multi-Surface Cleaner
Cuts through grease and grime with no harmful chemicals

Cuts through grease and dirt

Removes stains

Fast acting

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  • Safe

    Non-toxic to humans, animals and completely planet friendly, HOCL Home provides peace of mind

  • Effective

    Proven to be up to 100x more powerful than bleach, HOCL Home kills all known pathogens

  • 100% Natural

    HOCL Home is a powerful antimicrobial agent, a combination of water & purified salt

A million reasons to switch

99.9% effective - sounds good right?

Typical household disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

HOCL Home kills 99.9999%, meaning of one million germs, only 1 remains.

100% Natural

100X more effective than bleach


Organic & non-toxic

Safe around children and pets

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Uses for HOCL Multi-Surface Cleaner

Garden furniture
Upholstery & Carpet stains
Oven trays & racks
Alloy wheels
Shower screens
General surfaces

Uses for HOCL Disinfectant

Cat litter trays
Mould & limescale
Childrens toys
Food preparation surfaces

Leaves odoursquaking in their shoes.

As a natural form of deodoriser, HOCL targets the affected area, eliminates the odour, and leaves no smelly residue behind.

It is the worlds safest and effective way of freshening up the home and is harmless for all the family.

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