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HOCL Health - Natures Natural Disinfectant

HOCL Sanitise Disinfect 300ml Atomiser Disinfectant

HOCL Sanitise Disinfect 300ml Atomiser Disinfectant

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HOCL Sanitise Disinfect Atomiser Disinfectant is nature's super powerful disinfectant. This revolutionary solution that is made from 100% natural ingredients; water, salt and electrolysis.

It is around 100 times more effective than bleach and challenges other chemically based toxic household cleaning brands.

HOCL is harmless to you, your children and your pets is. It's 99.9999% effective against all known pathogens such as: e-coli, MRSA, influenzas, C-difficile, norovirus.

  • Instant on contact kill 
  • Removes odours immediately
  • Food safe
  • pH neutral
  • No harmful effect on humans, animals and the environment
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly


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