How To Kill Pathogens In Seconds With 100% Natural, Safer Solution

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Create Safer 

COSHH-Free Environments

Through the use of HOCL you help to stop respiratory issues and dermatitus with staff due to a safer solution that is non-toxic and skin friendly and is safe to inhale.

Furthermore you have a solution that doesn't damage estates and create safer and cleaner environments reducing costs.

Outstanding Efficacy

The HOCL disinfectant, cleaning, deodorising solution is 100x more powerful than bleach, and this isn't due to increasing toxicity or concentration. This is to do with the charge of the solution.

Pathogens are negatively charged, and current chlorine-based disinfectants are also negatively charged causing the disinfectants to repel and not able to totally destroy the pathogens whereas with HOCL its neutrally charged, which allows it to get attracted to pathogens and break them down through neutralisation.

HOCL kills all pathogens and is bacteriacidal, viricidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal.


Eliminating Monthly Incoming 

Cleaning Chemical Deliveries

HOCL provides a big positive shift in NHS to hit sustainability targets through the use of the HOCL solution that is 100% sustainable, made from natural resources with no additives.

Furthermore the ability to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 96% due to being able to generate all your cleaning solutions onsite saving time, money and wastage.

Will Help You To Achieve All The Above And More.

You can download the guide below, which the team at HOCL promise can help your Trust reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and provide safer environments for your staff and patients to be in and to stop the damage highly toxic chemicals create.